A young man struggling with his addiction escapes reality and the struggle of his past. Inspired by a short story by H.C. Andersen “the little match girl” elements from the story are explored through the visions of the main protagonist where in conjunction with his real life we see him battle with his demons and his past.

 A journey through the mind of a young man lost in his life.


Ragnar Ingi Magnusson

The short film Matches won first place in sound and third in best short film of the graduation year of 2019 from DBS Berlin film school.

“I was born on the 14th of August 1987, I grew up in Reykjavik, Iceland. I had a pretty nice, regular childhood, did the usual boy things, went to soccer practice, played soccer with my friends, watched soccer with my grandfather, you get the point.

As soon as puberty hit I started developing a need to create, at that point I had no idea what that was but I started learning to play an instrument, I chose the guitar like every other teenager that wants to play an instrument but the

guitar didn’t really capture me. But when I was 15 years old me and my friends took part in a short video contest in our school and made a short, there I found something that I really enjoyed and following the short me and my friends went everywhere with a camera.

But then as with many teenagers I got distracted at some point and forgot about my passion for film making and set on an academic path towards social science, but I could never get into the groove of that type of learning, my grades were not bad but the subjects did not interest me so I thought I should learn something more practical and started learning carpentry, and I loved making things with my hands and maybe because my father and grandfather were both carpenters I thought it might suit me, it did in a way but I didn’t have the focus to finish my studies, probably because I had gotten a job working as a carpenter and was getting the salary I would have got if I had finished, I was very lucky to get that job and the people I worked for did not care because I was very good at it and I would probably still be working there if the economic situation in Iceland hadn’t collapsed, but we split on good terms and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to go back to school and finish my studies, at that point I also got a part time job working for the national theater of Iceland setting up and repairing sets.

Then it happened, I saw an advertisement from the Icelandic film school, and something in my head clicked, there it was again film making, I applied and got in, this was the time I discovered my true passion and I figured what I wanted to do, every course and every lecture I had in my time in the Icelandic film school drove me towards new things and ideas, I ended my studies on a high note because my final project called Himinn og Jörð (The Wedding gift) won both best film in my department and best film over all. It later was purchased by Arte for a showing and broadcasting online”.


Paolo Jose Schoene

Paolo is an acting student in DBsFilm Berlin and had a hell of a job holding this film up being on screen in every single shot. Paolo has been active in school projects and is always ready to go, he showed incredible adaptations of the character and displayed emotions that are not at all in line with his own self. This demonstrates his range as an actor and work ethic.