The Collective

The Lost Shoe Collective is an independent multidisciplinary group of filmmakers, researchers, journalists and designers making shorts, documentaries and fiction series aiming to bring to light issues that are impacting society today.

Through original and compelling narratives our focus is to expose outdated social norms, giving a voice to those overlooked and ignored by the establishment both via played accounts and uncompromising factual investigations.

With hubs in Berlin, Germany, and Reykjavik, Iceland, two growing creative capitals in Europe and roots also spanning Colombia, Gambia, Iran, Spain and the UK our perspective is global, and our choice of projects reflects our backgrounds as well as our particular interest in the world’s youth and the continued fight for acceptance many minorities still face in the modern age.

All our projects – from inception to distribution – are completed in house.


Germany //


Beth Cherryman // British
Beth is a graduate in Philosophy and did a diploma in Journalism. She has been working as a journalist over 7 years and has good knowledge on interview methods and content writing. She has experience in administration and marketing.




Fatou Ndure Baboudóttir // Icelandic Gambian
Fatou is a PhD. student in Global health at the University of Iceland. She also has a master degree in International development and a bachelor degree in Anthropology. Fatou has great experience in administration, project development and project implications. She recently published handbook regarding literacy in after school programs in Iceland.




Fendina Heinmüller // German

Fendina is a graduate in Islamic studies and has a masters degree in African studies, She has experience in working with minority groups and her research focuses on representation of (muslim) women, postcolonial theories, diversity and gender.




Jeremias Caro Roman // Colombian Italian
Jeremias is a graduate in Filmmaking with a special interest in production design. Since 2012 he has worked in short films back in Colombia and handled topics related with Sci-Fi, historical memory and women’s rights. Jeremias has a background working as art director.




Ragnar Ingi Magnússon // Icelandic
Ragnar is a Filmmaker that graduated from the Icelandic Film School in 2015. He is currently doing a Bachelor degree in DBs Films Berlin. Ragnar has great experience working on sets, postproduction and audio.





Valentina Pachón // Colombian
Valentina is a Political Scientist and Journalist. She has a master’s degree in Intercultural Conflict Management at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin with a specialisation in Rural and Urban economics. Valentina has worked on academic and periodical research about inequality, agribusiness and technology and also has background in marketing, publicity and social media.



Iceland //


Freyja Eilíf // Icelandic
Freyja is a graduate from the Icelandic Art Academy. She has exhibited in galleries all over Europe and is quite well established in the young Icelandic artist scene. She is currently running an experimental art space called Ekkisens, where she works especially with emerging artists.




Júlía Margrét Einarsdóttir // Icelandic

Júlía is a Philosophy graduate and has a masters degree in Creative writing from the University of Iceland and an MFA degree in screenwriting from the New York film academy in Los Angeles. Júlía has written several screenplays, works as a writer and has experience as a director. She has since 2015 published 3 books of fiction.



Sólveig Johnsen // Icelandic
Sólveig is a graduate in Film studies from the University of Iceland and a photographer. She is currently working on her master’s in Creative Writing while working on different art projects. Sólveig also co-owns and manages one of the biggest and most popular music venue in Reykjavík called Gaukurinn.





Sunna Shabnam Halldórudóttir // Icelandic

Sunna is a product and ceramic designer with a bachelor degree in Product design from the Icelandic Art Academy. She has experience working with visual media, graphic design, photography, material research and public relations.




Tinna Björk Helgadóttir // Icelandic

Tinna is a graduate in Sociology and is currently working on her master‘s in Public administration in the University of Iceland. She has great experience in administration, project planning and financial operations. Tinna recently did a research concerning literacy in after school programs and as a result published handbook for the staff there.



Spain //


Marta Sveinbjörnsdóttir // Icelandic
Marta is an art enthusiast and currently working on her bachelor degree Anthropology in the University of Iceland. She studied in the Icelandic Film School and has a lot of experience working on film projects and on sets. Marta has experience in acting and administration.




Pablo Gonzalez // Uruguayan
Pablo is talented musician with special interest in international traditional music and flamenco. He mostly plays guitar but other instruments don‘t challenge him. He has experience working on sets and as a sound mixer.