You can open an art space on a pin if there’s no other opportunity available

“I’ve always been fascinated by artists claiming space and creating venues. I saw nothing was too small or inconvenient for a creative art space or art venue, like a Mary Poppins’ bag it seems the possibilities are endless once you’ve opened it.” Freyja Eilif, 30, a visual artist, has been running a space in the basement of her grandmother’s home in Reykjavik for the past three years. “After I graduated

Take your place, even in an aggressive way, steal it

“Artists very often invent their own opportunities, some coming from institutions but mainly artists are not just creating artwork but a place and events and an atmosphere and make themselves a space.” That was the view of Steinunn Gunnlaugsdottir a visual artist from Reykjavik who has been working and exhibiting in Berlin frequently in the last six years. We caught up with the 34-year-old in Berlin where she expressed the

Spaces are not an elitist way of bringing art to the public

Spaces are not an elitist way of bringing art to the public but a populist one, claims artist Ken Wiatrek who runs Keith in Berlin. Keith, a bar that combines art and whisky, has been going for two and a half years now and seeks to start a conversation about the art shown – from paintings to performance works. Ken, 42, says the artist relationship to space is at the

How important is the idea behind the art?

How important is the idea behind the art? To Berlin sculptor Dino Steinhof the idea is everything. “The idea behind the work is the most important thing, in the process I find the best material, the best shape and the best result for each idea.” We talked to the 30 year old artist at gallery space Dzialdov where he was showing four of his works, including digital drawing, glass sculpture

‘Making the projects of fellow artists happen that’s my core motivation’

“Making the projects of fellow artists happen that’s my core motivation.” The artist behind Berlin gallery space The Landing Strip, Michael Pohl, believes helping artists – especially young artists – with an opportunity to exhibit their work is just as important as his own projects. The 36 year old converted half his apartment living room into The Landing Strip in 2015 and has been exhibiting small shows there ever since.

Art is what you make of it

Art is what you make of it, according to Berlin painter and performance artist Juwelia Soraya, both in terms of working as an artist and in art’s interpretation. “Sometimes I think I am not an artist, I only paint, I have painted all my life.” Known for her colourful, pastel paintings which she describes as showing a naivety and playfulness often lost to adults, her work commonly depicts dogs, cakes

What is Artist-Run?

When we began filming Artist Run back in June, we knew we wanted to make a movie about how young independent artists claim space in two busy cultural hotspots in Europe – Berlin and Reykjavik. We couldn’t have predicted then how the insights shared by the 20 people we spoke to would impact our project or the direction our film would take, however, we were amazed by the determinism and

Contemplations on art

    WHERE IS ART supposed to be? If we were to think of art as a creation out of time and space we might interpret art to be a depiction, documentation, study, representation, appreciation and so on of each time as it passes. The form and method always decided by the artist. But in that regard it might also, as it is defined by ´time´, be dependent of ´space´.