“I think art is important, it’s important to have a space where it’s possible to get or to offer different ways of thinking…different ways of feeling that’s not normal or not part of daily life.”

Katja Kottmann, a conceptual artist living in Berlin the last three years, spoke to us at Dzialdov an art space in Berlin she helps to manage.

“It’s an art gallery, project space, off space, you can choose the definition you want. I help to organise and curate the shows here. All the people who help here all have something to do with art, some studied it, others art history or art theory, we’re all friends and we try and run the space together.”

Katja has also shown at Dzialdov, which is situated in Neukolln, having moved to Berlin after finishing her studies in Munster.

“There are good opportunities for artists in Berlin, you just have to look at the amount of project spaces and off spaces there are but the possibilities of getting into a higher class of gallery are really difficult you have to have a good network to get there I think.”

She says Berlin is a city that likes artists but with it has come a gentrification that threatens the artistic community.

“I think art is valued here, there are a lot of possibilities, museums, galleries, Berlin is a city which likes artists living here and working here for that reason I think it’s valued. On the other side it’s very difficult for artists here, it’s hard to afford and make a living here with the rents rising it’s not so easy to be an artist here.”

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